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Version History

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Erisly has been in development since March 19th, 2016. She has gone through many major rewrites and rebrands over the years, however her design and name are planned to remain. A changelog did not exist for major version 1, and while a changelog did exist for version 2, majority of the revision information has been lost.

Version 4.0 (December 22nd, 2019 – Present)

Version 4.0 marks the rebrand from PikaGirl to Erisly, and the 4th major overhaul of the bot's backend. Version 3.0 was not designed to handle a large amount of servers and users, and began to fail as PikaGirl reached 50,000 Discord Servers. The main purpose of version 4.0 was to create an incredibly sustainable version that could handle a theoretically infinite amount of Discord Servers, and to tie in with PikaGirl's rebrand to Erisly. Development of version 4.0 began on September 24th, 2019, and was released on December 22nd, 2019.

4.0 (December 22nd, 2019 – Present)

Version 3.0 (January 11th, 2017 – December 22nd, 2019)

Version 3.0 marks the 3rd major rewrite of the bot's backend from C# to NodeJS. Version 2.0 was written in C#, which proved to be incredibly memory and CPU inefficient and struggled to operate correctly on a Linux-based Virtual Private Server (VPS). Struggling with several memory leaks, frequent crashes and downtime, and a rapidly increasing server count, version 3.0 was failing. Additionally, Discord announced a breaking API change requiring bots that were in over 2,500 Discord Servers to implement sharding support. If a bot in over 2,500 Discord Servers did not implement sharding support before Discord made sharding a requirement, the bot would begin to appear offline in various servers. At the time, PikaGirl was in over 2,500 Discord Servers, and version 2.0 did not support sharding whatsoever, so a complete rewrite was necessary. Version 3.0 was powered by the Discord library, Eris. Development of version 3.0 began on September 4th, 2016, and was released on 11th of January, 2017.

3.5 (September 21st, 2019 – December 22nd, 2019)

3.4 (May 11th, 2019 – September 21st, 2019)

3.3 (December 12th, 2018 – May 11th, 2019)

3.2 (July 23rd, 2018 – December 12th, 2018)

3.1 (December 27th, 2017 – July 23rd, 2018)

3.0 (January 11th, 2017 – December 27th, 2017)

Version 2.0 (April 2nd, 2016 – January 11th, 2017)

Version 2.0 marks the 2nd major "rewrite" of the bot (however was more of a completely different project than a rewrite), moving from NodeJS to C#. Version 2.0 was written in C# and was powered by the Discord library, Discord.NET. Version 2.0 also marked the rebrand from PikaBot01 to PikaGirl on August 21st, 2016. Version 1.0 was received quite well by users, so much so that they wanted to add the bot to their own Discord Server, and began to request for updates. Version 2.0 was a rewrite in order to make PikaBot01 more user-friendly, and also slowly move PikaBot01 from a small one-off hobby project into a recurring hobby project. Discord had also recently announced bot accounts which also marked the transition from PikaBot01's traditional user account to the bot account that is still used by Erisly to this day. Development of version 2.0 began on April 2nd, 2016, and started completely from scratch completely disregarding version 1.0, only keeping the bot's name and logo, PikaBot01. While a changelog did exist for version 2, majority of the revision information has been lost.

Version 1.0 (March 19th, 2016 – April 2nd, 2016)

Version 1.0 marks the creation of PikaBot01. PikaBot01 was a project that was started simply out of boredom, which had zero intentions of ever becoming public, or reaching the state that it has today. The name was derivative of the creator's name, PikaDude, and was aimed to be a silly fun bot to entertain users in a single Discord Server. Due to the nature of version 1, a changelog did not exist.