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"Upvote" Command
Description "Upvote Erisly to boost her rank and get coins!"
Category Erisly Help Commands
Works in DMs Yes
Example >upvote

The Upvote command is used to display links to Upvote Erisly. Upon running the command, Erisly will respond with a list of links to websites where upvoting Erisly is supported. The first category, "Main Upvote Page", is a link to a website where upvoting Erisly will not only reward Coins but also temporarily reduced Cleverbot and Booru commands. The second category is a list of other upvote links that simply reward with coins. Erisly will also indicate whether or not the user has upvoted for the site within the set duration.


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<img src="128px-Erisly_Face.png" />

Upvote Erisly
<img class="discord-emote" src="48px-Twemoji12_2665.svg.png" /> Main Upvote Page <img class="discord-emote" src="48px-Twemoji12_2665.svg.png" />
Reduce cleverbot and booru limits and also earn some extra coins by upvoting me on this website.
- Discord Bot List (Top.gg)
<img class="discord-emote" src="48px-ErislySurprised.png" /> Bonus Upvote Pages <img class="discord-emote" src="48px-ErislySurprised.png" />
Earn some extra coins by upvoting me at these websites.
- Bots for Discord (BotsForDiscord.com)
- Discord Bot List (DiscordBotList.com) - Already voted for this site! <img class="discord-emote" src="48px-ErislySunglasses.png" />
- Discord Boats (Discord.boats)
<img class="discord-emote" src="48px-ErislyWink.png" /> Turn on Upvote Reminders! <img class="discord-emote" src="48px-ErislyWink.png" />
Get notified whenever you can upvote me again by using >config user upvote-reminders true