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"Help" Command
Description "Gives a brief explanation about Erisly and includes other various help links."
Category Erisly Help Commands
Works in DMs Yes
Example >help

The Help command is used to display general help, info, and links for Erisly. Upon running the command, Erisly will respond with a short description about herself, as well as links to her command list, Discord server, and her about me page.


<img src="128px-Default_User_Icon.png" />


<img src="128px-Erisly_Face.png" />

Hi! My name is Erisly! I'm your friendly neighbourhood goddess that hides behind this Discord bot account you see here. <img class="discord-emote" src="48px-ErislyCheer.gif" />
I have a large amount of commands and features that you can use! For further information and support, visit the following links:
List of my Commands:
Official Discord Server:
About Me: